OLIMPIA – Large Vertical Frame


Of rectangular shape, the Olimpia picture frame in rock crystal combines all the best of Italian craftsmanship.

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Dimensions: Cm 40 x 34
Materials: Rock crystal and cobalt bronze
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After over a year of design and back and forth with the artisans, Madagascar, the shipping company, and customs, we were able to create the stunning Olimpia, one of the most sophisticated pieces in the collection. The rock crystal was flown in from Madagascar, and the cobalt bronze base, as well as the back, were handcrafted by our trusted artisans, who spent months in contact with the galvanic to create the perfect effect and find the correct engineering balance to allow the Olimpia frame to come to life.
In the photo (only for show) Gibi’s aunt Nicky Arrivabene Visconti di Modrone on the day of her wedding in 1931.

The Designer

The life of Giberto Arrivabene Valenti Gonzaga is viscerally linked to Venice. His childhood memories, the most beautiful, are those that have taken place in the rooms of Palazzo Papadopoli, between frescoes of Tiepolo and family affection. “In my earliest memories Venice had other colours. It was more obscure, dramatic, decayed and deeply romantic – simply beautiful. There wasn’t the same light like there is today – more dazzling perhaps, but less poetic.”


Each piece derives from a watercolour sketch made by Giberto on tracing paper: “When I see something that inspires me, or an object that I like, I sketch and rework it – then move on to the realization of it.”

The glass, the main material in the collections, is worked exclusively in Murano. Each glass, each specific object, is blown by master glassmakers in the Venetian furnaces.

Giberto takes his watercolours to discuss with them and refine the project, check its feasibility, and to make eventual changes.

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