Unique Gift Ideas for Special Occasions

Every anniversary has a special meaning of its own that deserves celebrating with an equally special object made for the occasion by Giberto: birthdays, wedding and other anniversaries… even just to commemorate a particular evening.

Vases, drinking glasses and paperweights can be engraved with emblems, images, letters of the alphabet, words or whole phrases, and become eye-catching bearers of your messages.

But a Murano glass object is more than just a household gift it can also mean sharing an enthusiasm, entering a new world of magic and tradition, even – why not? – beginning a collection.

The drinking glasses are one-off pieces that add elegance to any table and make every celebration unforgettable.

Picture frames, be they of fabric, glass, silver and semiprecious stones, are nearly always items of elegance in themselves and acquire an added value in containing something dear to our hearts.

Cuore is something of a special case, a real sculpture in crimson blown glass – originally intended for Giberto’s wife Bianca but then allowed into the catalogue – which is itself love incarnate: the heart’s surface is also able to take an engraved personalised inscription.

All Giberto’s creations, each of which comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, can be dispatched worldwide in discreet but refined packaging – a box wrapped in white tissue and tied with purple canneté ribbon.

Giberto Murano Glassware Gift Ideas
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