Custom Glass Projects

“I love working with other people, sometimes very different from myself, discussing a particular project and bringing it to a conclusion that satisfies both, or all, of us”.

This was what happened with the collection of glass tableware created on commission for Dior Maison in 2016, in blown glass worked with the traditional rigà-menà technique to achieve a ridged effect, or again with the Pansé series of glasses made for Henge and presented at Milan’s Salone del Mobile in the same year.

Many decorators seek out Giberto to put the finishing touches to projects for their more discerning clients – mirrors, for example: objects of great elegance, which belong to the Venetian heritage of high-end craftsmanship and can be personalized with carving or engraving, fabrics, colored glass rods, murrine and other precious materials.

Their clear surfaces can also be engraved with coats-of-arms, shapes, animals, grotesques, initials, views, etc., employing the traditional Murano artistry with grinder and lathe.

Murano Glasswares for Dior by Giberto
Murano engraved glassware by Giberto
Palazzo Glassware Set engraving
Murano luxury dringking glasses

Another project might be a unique glass object fashioned with a particular person in mind: Tulipano, for example, is a glass with a stem that mimics the corolla of a flower

“which I might not have designed on my own, not being a great fan of stemmed glasses, but an old friend asked me specifically to make him a goblet-style wine glass”.

A further example is the San Valentino cup, which came out of working with my friend Nicoletta Fiorucci:

“We were discussing ideas for a champagne glass, whose original shape was supposedly based on the breasts of Henri II’s mistress Diane de Poitiers.

Our coupe is instead hoisted on a solid, rather thick stem, engraved in the Murano rigà-menà style.”

The constant challenge is to create something entirely new, an object that didn’t exist before; to make possible what seemed not to be, make actual our dreams and visions.

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