Bespoke creations for your needs

A handmade glass object is by its very nature a once-off, an unrepeatable piece, in that it emerges from a living and breathing material, sensitive to any number of perhaps imperceptible but real variables.

The uniqueness of Giberto’s Murano glasswork is further accentuated by the potential for adding extra detail after blowing, creating personalised items for special occasions.

Candleholders, paperweights, glasses and vases can be engraved with figures, coats-of-arms, flowers, leaves, grotesques, decorative motifs, emblems, even whole messages, making the object itself an enduring conversation.

A typical engraved piece of glass might be a bonbonnière on which the bride and groom can have their names or a date inscribed.

A once-off designed for the recipient personally cannot help but be an extra-special gift for a wedding, a birthday or simply for a dinner.

Personalized wine glasses, for example, could be original place-markers at the table, transforming the evening into a unique occasion among friends – and ensuring it won’t soon be forgotten.

To earmark for oneself, or to give, a personalized object from the centuries-old tradition of Murano glasswork signifies the attention to detail, and attending to detail is part and parcel of every art.

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