Classic Artistic Glass Sculptures

“My love of sculpture and my affinity with glass come together in the bust of Octavian Augustus, the Pauline Bonaparte and lastly – though only in order of time – my Sleeping Putto (which was exhibited at Ca’ Pesaro during Venice Glass Week 2018).”

The sculptures, created with the age-old lost wax technique, required the cooperation of two culturally and geographically distant worlds: Giberto planned the project in Murano with glass master Giorgio Giuman, discussing the complex passage from plaster cast to wax model, although the final molten glass casting process was performed in the Vilca glassworks in Empoli.

The third player in the venture was Giberto’s English friend Adam Lowe, founder of Factum Arte, the Madrid technical studio that ‘makes the impossible possible’: “Adam let me have a highly sophisticated 3D scanner, armed with which we spent a whole night in Rome’s Villa Borghese, scanning in minute detail the original Canova masterpiece”.

Nobody had previously made copies of Old Master art in coloured glass: it is a testimony to this ‘first’ and to the technical complexity of the process that Pauline Bonaparte – Napoleon’s beloved sister – is now on permanent show in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, along with her casts in wax and plaster.

‘Translating’ marble into glass involves not only a radical change of material but also of light effects: light glances off marble, but passes through even the thickest glass, illuminating it and constantly modulating our perception of color”.

“My choice of subjects entirely reflects my own passions: the unreachable heights of antique sculpture, the rigor of Neoclassicism, and back to a piece that has been in my family for generations – the Sleeping Putto – once again, an affective affinity.”

Murano Glass Giberto Putto Sculpture
Augustust Bust Glass Sculpture Giberto
Paolina Bonaparte Sculpture Giberto
Paolina Borghese by Giberto Arrivabene
Paolina Borghese Sculpture by Giberto Arrivabene