The Alessandrite vase is handblowin in Murano with the purest alessandrite glass, it is the perfect one to show off a spectacular bunch of flowers.

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Dimensions: Cm 22,5 x 13
Materials: Murano Glass
Weight  1140 gr
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Like his set of drinking glasses, Giberto sees his Alessandrite Vase as a natural follow-on from the traditional Venetian “goto” tumbler.

Made of the purest alexandrite glass, the Vase changes colour depending on the light, an intriguing natural characteristic that Giberto immediately decided to include in his creations.

“Walking through the Murano furnace one sunny day, I caught sight of several pieces of beautiful lilac-coloured glass in a bin of cotisso – leftover pure blown-glass pieces. Picking up a piece, I saw the marvellously warm purple colour change into a grey-tinged icy light blue under a colder light. I immediately fell in love with alexandrite, deciding it would be perfect for my collection.”

Following on from his set of Alessandrite glasses, Giberto has continued the theme with a vase, whose larger size highlights the shifting colours to even greater effect.

Simple, ineffably elegant, yet quietly assertive, the slightly flared Alessandrite Vase is fashioned exclusively by Murano craftsmen. Its myriad shades and reflections are best offset when placed on a large table filled with beautiful lilies.

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