All gifts & accessories items purchased from GIBERTO are individually giftwrapped free of charge, in GIBERTO gift boxes with tissue and ribbon.
Please note that some larger items can not be giftwrapped.
You can choose the gift wrapping option in the shipping step of your order for one or more articles.





If you wish we can attach a handwritten or printed card with your personalized note to any order.
You can include the message on our order form. There is no limit on the size of the message. 
The card will be inserted in a matching envelope and put inside the box along with the gift wrapped items.
Otherwise you can send us your own gift cards or letters to be enclosed with the present.
 Please make sure that each person's name is clearly marked on the cards if they are not the same for all packages.
 Letters can be sent to: Giberto S.r.l. - San Polo 1364 - 30125 Venezia - Italy





All pieces purchased are delivered in sturdy cardboard boxes with the gift wrapped boxes inside and lots of cushioning around to prevent anything from breaking during transport