It was January. January in Venice is a very peaceful month, normally you stay at home, outside it’s cold, and even work slows down. It’s time to tidy up, at home, in the office and with our thoughts. But it doesn’t seem to be like this for everyone. I receive a call from my dear friend Noona, she tells me a story about HENGE, what they do and how wonderful they are and how they develop amazing projects all over the world. Noona, who was definitely not in the same ‘hibernation’ status as me, suggests that I meet Isabella and Paolo to see if we could work on a project together.

We get ready and go to meet Paolo and Isabella.

Following an exchange of emails, we realize that they are neighbours, nearby neighbours to our house in the country, and this already brings us happiness!

We meet for the first time, a positive meeting, Giberto and Paolo have that immediate connection, they tell their stories. They start thinking, sketching, designing… there is a chemistry between them.

And this is where the story begins!

I didn't attend the following meetings but every time Giberto came home, he had so much to tell and with such enthusiasm, an understanding and grand projects.

The pieces that Giberto has created for HENGE reflect their mood, their feelings, their thoughts and their projects. The idea is that these items can be welcomed in a HENGE home or ambiance… and I personally think that it has worked!”


Bianca Arrivabene Venice


Venezia, April 2016




Download:  HENGE and Giberto - Salone del Mobile 2016